The Norcal Rock Racing Metalcloak Wild West Shootout Season Opener

If this race was any indication, it’s going to be an awesome season.

We showed up early Friday to get some practice in and run qualifying, but the rain just wouldn’t let up and commissioner Goodby decided to call it for the night and go with a randomized starting order for Saturday's race.

Saturday morning was bright and clear skies, a perfect day for racing. Sadly, the lottery put us in the last spot for the starting order. 

The green flag dropped. We took the inside line and looked for our opening. Coming around the turn into the rock section we found it and took the outside line, our new Metalcloak Dual-Rate Springs and Liberty Mountain Fab tuned shocks danced over the rocks at speed and made the pass to grab the inside line into the 180° turn. We had a car hot on our tail through the next lap and when our car wouldn’t shift into 3rd gear in the straight, they got by, putting us in number two for the heat.




















Heat two was neck and neck with our competition but we blew a tire and barely finished the heat, limping in on a rim. (the raceline wheel is still intact somehow ????????‍♀️) This put us in the back of the starting order for the main.











The main event was a battle. Starting in the back we caught up to the number one car. They’d pull on us through the turn but we’d catch them in the rocks every lap. The last lap we tried to make the pass in the rocks again, got right next to them and then hit a boulder which knocked the manual transmission out of gear losing us those precious seconds to get in front. We ended up finishing in second place but what a race it was.

It’s always fun racing a competitor that pushes you. I learned a lot this weekend, especially driving in knee deep mud. I can’t wait for round two in May.










































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