Metalcloak Fender Clearance

Some customers have asked about their hoods rubbing on the MetalCloak fenders, so I wanted to share with you here why that happens and how to easily fix it.

As it is with most Jeep parts, the hoods tend to vary Jeep to Jeep. Lay 10 hoods side by side and you will see slight differences in shape on each hood.

It is just part of the character of these stamped parts. Over the last couple years, we've found that about 50% of the rigs out there have hoods that rub on the fenders.

Instead of modifying our fender design which would have reduced the overall clearance offered, we came up with this very simple and easy solution.

Get together with a buddy (you can do it on your own, but it is easier having two people) and both of you push from either side on the hood right at the location where it hits.

Just push in from both sides, it will bring the hood in enough not to hit. Push it in with a rolling motion. Just roll the hood in on the bottom.

The hood will flare out at the tub point, but then push it in like this...

That's it, now your hood should not hit your fenders.

See you on the rocks!