MetalCloak Skillz Day
Metalcloak Skillz Day You Have A Bronco, Learn How To Use It designed for new Bronco Owners Choose Your Event with Black and gray Jeeps climbing up rocky dirt trail at Prarie City SVRA



Welcome to Skillz Day... the off road Bronco training program developed by Metalcloak a decade ago to teach BRAND NEW Bronco owners how to use your Bronco. The training will focus on Bronco driving basics including:

  • Understanding you Bronco and knowing your Bronco's Capabilities
  • What Are Lockers? What are sway bars and why would you turn them off?
  • How to Choose a Trail or Find a Line
  • What Equipment Should You Load Into Your Bronco for a day on the Trail
  • Off Road Safety
  • Land Use and Access
  • Recovery Techniques & Demonstrations
  • How to Use a Winch Safely & Effectively
  • Off Roading 101

WHAT IS IT? Skillz Day is a chance for NEW Bronco Owners to come and develop their off-roading Skillz in a safe and supervised environment.

WHO CAN COME? The May 4, 2024 Skillz Day is for NEW BRONCO OWNERS ONLY. This is not for anyone who has attended Skillz Day in the past or has experience off-roading with a Bronco. If you or your driver is a NOVICE off roader you are welcome to join us for an amazing day of fun, education and Bronco-ing.

IS IT FOR BRONCOS ONLY? Yes. This is a Bronco focused event manned with Bronco focused volunteers who are there to teach new Bronco owners. 

DATE & TIME? Saturday, May 4, 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM - Novice Registration Starts at 8:15 AM - Drivers meeting at 9:15 AM

WHAT ARE NOVICE & ADVANCED BEGINNERS? If you've attended Skillz Day before, or had experience Rock-Crawling, you will register as an Advanced Beginner [Note: We are not accepting Advanced Beginner Registrations at this time]. If you are brand new to the world of Wheeling, Rock Crawling and Bronco ownership, we ask you to register as a NOVICE so we can make sure you have lots of time to learn and develop "Skillz".

WHY NO ADVANCED BEGINNERS THIS TIME? The primary purpose of SKILLZ DAY is to teach new Bronco owners. We are limited to only 100 registered Broncos for this event, and every year we have to turn away new Bronco owners. For the May event we decided to open it to just New Bronco owners..

LOCATION: Prairie City SVRA... MAP

FOOD: We'll have coffee and donuts in the morning and a hot Lunch, courtesy of MetalCloak. But bring any snacks and drinks you may want throughout the day.

WILL OTHER VENDORS BE THERE: Yes, we invite industry friends or other clubs and organizations to come out and join us in the training with subjects like safety, airing down, trail repairs and more.

WHAT WILL WE DO? Throughout the day volunteers will be stationed at the various obstacles at Prairie City helping you better understand what you should or shouldn't do, what your rig is capable of, and how to safely and properly tackle obstacles. In addition there will be demonstrations on various topics like on the trail fixes, recovery, winching, land use, etc.

WHAT DOES IT COST? We are charging a nominal fee of $25 per driver and $15 per passenger. The fees will be used to help support and expand the program.

INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING? Volunteers are needed to help throughout the day. Please email will (at) for more information.

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