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Gas Tank Skid Plate, TJ/LJ, Aluminum & Steel

The MetalCloak Aluminum/Steel Gas Tank Skid Plate weighs in at only 48lbs making it the perfect combination of ultimate strength and shrewd weight savings.

By using steel where it is needed and putting Aircraft Grade Aluminum where we can save the most weight, we've created a unique gas tank skid plate that provides critical strength and ultimate weight savings.

Your Gas Tank Skid Kit includes:
  • 7 Gauge Steel Skid Plate with Formed Recess for Fuel Pump
  • Aircraft Grade 3/16 Aluminum Side Plates for weight savings
  • All Needed Hardware for Installation
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Gas Tank Skid Plate, TJ/LJ

Aluminum where you want to save weight, Steel where you need extra strength!

MetalCloaks Gas Tank Skid for TJ/LJ is a four part system that saves critical weight with 3 aluminum sections while providing protection at the most vulnerable points with steel.

Jeep Corner Guards
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We built the TJ/LJ Gas Tank Skid plate in Steel for strength Where You Need It and Aluminum Where You can Shave Weight. At only 48 lbs, the skid plate is designed to conform perfectly to your stock tank, including the important dimple for your fuel pump and provides maximum ground clearance while giving the lightest strength to weight ratio of any gas tank skid available.
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Our Premium Black Textured Powdercoat is the best in the industry. Powdercoated products usually ship out within two to three weeks. Check out our video on how we powdercoat.
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Gas Tank Skid Base 7GA Hot Rolled Steel Plate
Gas Tank Skid Sheilding 3/16" Aluminum Plate
Clearence Gained? 1"
Total Weight 47 lbs
Gas Tank Base Black Powdercoat? Yes

OEM Clevite and Typical Flex Joint is the Duroflex Joint
Installation Difficulty Easy-Bolt on
Body Modification None
Time to Install 1 - 2 Hours
OEM Clevite and Typical Flex Joint is the Duroflex Joint


At MetalCloak we work continuously to give you the best possible installation instructions. We constantly take customer feedback and look at how we can make the instructions better for you. Click below to see our full list of installation instructions.

Click Here to see a full list of MetalCloak Installation Instructions.
OEM Clevite and Typical Flex Joint is the Duroflex Joint
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