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UnderCloak Integrated Armor System, JK, 4-Door-Late Model ('12-current)

Product ID: 3368

It's a Fact... Jeep JK Wranglers need underside protection - introducing the boat-sided UnderCloak Integrated Armor System.

Not just a couple of cut pieces of steel bolted to the bottom of a Jeep, the CLEAR zinc plated UnderCloak Armor is a complete system that includes...

  • Full Replacement HD Cross-Member
  • Boat-Sided Gas Tank Skid Plate
  • Maximum Approach Oil Pan Skid Plate
  • Boat-Sided Transfer Case Skid Plate

The CAD designed, CNC formed, laser cut 3/16" steel sets the benchmark for strength and the CLEAR zinc plating forms a molecular bond to the steel protecting your UnderCloak from the elements.

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Introducing MetalCloak's JK UnderCloak Armor System. This belly skid is an integrated system that includes a heavy duty replacement Cross-Member, Oil Pan & Motor, Transmission & Transfer Case, and Gas Tank Skid Plates for the best protection. Made of laser cut 3/16" steel and is clear zinc plated to protect against the elements.

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Boat Sided For Clearance...

Every edge of the UnderCloak Armor System is designed for maximum approach and departure angles leaving the possibility of hanging up on obstacles on the trail a thing of the past.

CLEAR Zinc For Durability...

By treating the UnderCloak Armor System with a CLEAR Zinc finish, you are protected from the elements when you do scratch it up. And the surface is paintable if you want to go custom.

But why not recessed bolt holes?

When products are new they fit just fine... now go bash them on the trail and see how they line up, they don't!

In critical areas for attachment that can get misaligned we have encapsulated the head of the bolts with skid guard washers for the bolt head that protects and affords slotted holes to ease re-installation when servicing your Jeep.

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Our upgraded 3/16" steel replacement cross member is the benchmark of strength.

CAD designed using Jeep's own Digital Files, the cross member and Under-Armor system will fit all models.

Thicker steel and additional holes for attachment points on the driver side, there is no better way to support and secure the protective plating for your Jeep.

Cross Member
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Cross Member The UnderCloak Armor System Combines everything you need to guard the underside of your Jeep JK Wrangler and provides protection for:
  1. Oil Pan & Motor Skid
  2. Replaces the weak Factory Cross Member
  3. Transmission & Transfer Case
  4. Gas Tank
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