UnderCloak Integrated Armor System, JL Wrangler, 392

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The BEST performing protection for the underside of your 392 Jeep Wrangler. Our integrated Boat-Sided Armor & Skid Plate System is the undisputed choice. Not just a couple of cut pieces of steel bolted to the bottom of a Jeep, the GOLD zinc plated UnderCloak Armor is a complete formed system that covers vulnerabilities from the front to the back. *SEE IMPORTANT FITMENT NOTES BELOW

Features Include:
  • Strong thick formed and welded steel
  • Boat-Sided Gas Tank Skid Protection
  • 1/4 Inch Steel/Maximum Clearance Oil Pan Skid Protection
  • Boat-Sided Transfer Case Skid Protection
  • Flush mount hardware
  • Gold Zinc Chromate Coating
CAD designed, CNC formed, laser cut thick steel sets the benchmark for [click for more...] strength throughout. Engineered design with an enthusiast’s perspective; the boat side edges on the gas tank skid allow obstructions to glide without catching your Jeep and causing you to get stuck.

The 1/4 inch thick oil pan skid protects ensure objects have no effect on your essential fluid and is tucked up as far as possible to ensure the clearance; the skid also allow access to reach your oil filter for service.

The transfer case skid plate is boat sided protecting your equipment and allowing rocks and logs to slide under your Jeep without slowing you down.

The entire UnderCloak system is attached with hardware that has “skid guard washers” at all exposed mounting points. The entire surface is protected with GOLD zinc plating that not only looks great, but also forms a molecular bond to the steel protecting it from the elements even after being abused and keeps it looking good.

For the BEST performing protection for the underside of your 392 Jeep Wrangler trust MetalCloak's UnderCloak integrated armor system.

*NOTE: Due to mid year model change to oil pan PLEASE verify with a MetalCloak tech that this will fit your application.

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MetalCloak's Jeep Wrangler JL Body Armor

Who Is MetalCloak?

MetalCloak creates Game-Changing Products for the Off Road Enthusiast.

UnderCloak Skid Plate

It's a Fact... the New Jeep JL Wranglers need underside protection - the MetalCloak UnderCloak Integrated Boat-Sided Armor & Skid Plate System is just what it needs.

Why Gold Zinc?

It's time for The MetalCloak Minute... where we answer frequently asked questions in about a minute. Today's topic: Gold Zinc


JL 392 UnderCloak Armor System

Every edge of the UnderCloak Armor System is designed for maximum approach and departure angles leaving the possibility of hanging up on obstacles on the trail a thing of the past.

GOLD Zinc For Durability...

By treating the UnderCloak Armor System with a GOLD zinc finish, you are protected from the elements when you do scratch it up. And the surface is paint-able if you want to go custom.

JL UnderCloak System

Full Integrated Armor...

JL Integrated Systems

The UnderCloak Armor System Combines multiple thick steel pieces to protect the underside of your Jeep JL 392 Wrangler. This product provides protection for:

  1. Oil Pan & Motor Skid with 1/4 inch Steel!
  2. Transmission/Transfer Case Skid
  3. Gas Tank Skid

But why not recessed bolt holes?

When products are new they fit just fine... now go bash them on the trail and see how they line up, they don't!

In critical areas for attachment that can get misaligned we have encapsulated the head of the bolts with skid guard washers for the bolt head that protects and affords slotted holes to ease re-installation when servicing your Jeep.

Encapsulated Bolts

Optional Muffler Skid

Muffler UnderCloak Skid for JL 392 Wrangler

Protection for the vulnerable muffler under your 392 wrangler is a simple upgrade away with MetalCloak's muffler skid plate. The 3/16" laser cut steel plate is CAD formed for a perfect fit and is finished with gold zinc, providing great looks with a seamless installation. The bolt-on skid plate attaches easily with sturdy 3/16" steel gold zinc finished brackets to ensure strength.

Optional Resonator Skid

Protect the vulnerable underside of your Jeep with MeatlCloak Resonator UnderCloak Skid Plate. The armor is made of 3/16' steel for strength you can count on and is an easy bolt on upgrade. Our signature gold zinc finish looks great and will resist damage from the elements to stay looking good. Made in the USA

JL Wrangler Resonator UnderCloak Skid Plate

What's In The Kit?

Whats in the Kit
  • Oil Pan Skid
  • Transmission & Transfer Case Skid
  • Gas Tank Skid
  • Motor Skid Brackets
  • Gas Tank Hangers
  • All Required Hardware


Items Details
Compatibility JL 392 Wrangler
Gas Tank Skid Plate 3/16" Hot Rolled Steel Plate
Transmission Skid Plate 1/4" Hot Rolled Steel Plate
Oil Pan/Motor Skid Plate 1/4" Hot Rolled Steel Plate
Motor Gusset Straps 3/8" Hot Rolled Steel
Muffler Skid Plate (Optional) 3/16" Hot Rolled Steel Plate
Muffler Gusset Straps (Optional) 3/16" Hot Rolled Steel Plate
Resonator Skid Plate (Optional) 3/16" Hot Rolled Steel Plate
Resonator Skid Straps (Optional) 3/16" Hot Rolled Steel Plate
Approximate Weight 149 lbs
Steel Coating Gold Zinc


Installation Difficulty Moderate
Body Modification None
Time to Install 3 - 4 Hours
Installation Instructions Click Here to see a full list of MetalCloak Installation Instructions.

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