TJ/LJ Wrangler "Rubicon Express" Lower Front Radius Arm Replacement/Upgrade Kit

The MetalCloak "Rubicon Express" Radius Arm Lower Front Control Arm Replacement Upgrade is a Bolt-In Lower Upgrade that replaces the problematic Rubicon Express radius arms that are notorious for bind that limit travel, destroy bushings and fatigue the factory brackets on your Jeep Wrangler.

Features include:
  • Designed to Work With Front Upper Lock-N-Load™ Arm
  • High-Misalignment (NVH) Duroflex™ Control Arms
  • 2.0" OD 1/4" Wall DOM Steel Lowers
  • Direct Bolt in Replacement for RE Long Arms
  • Forged Threaded Ends For 33% More Strength
  • Gold Zinc Finish
  • Made in the USA
What do you mean "there is no turning back?"; shouldn't your suspension take you where [click for more...] ever you want to go? Unhappy with "lifetime replacement" for bushings that are now too stiff, squeak, or ride harsh?

Turn back and get the drive-ability you had always hoped for on and off-road, increase wheel travel, and get all of this without the worry of the documented failure of the Rubicon Express bushings.

The revolutionary, DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber enhanced Duroflex™ Joint equipped control arms eliminate squeaks and clunks and have the best NVH properties available. Control arms are built strong from 2”.25 wall DOM for incredible strength and are a direct bolt on replacement.

This solution will provide more articulation, better ride quality on and off-road, a quiet experience, and will outlasts the RE product with the durability you had originally hoped for.

MetalCloak “components” have been proven safe with the FMVSS certificate of safety configured with 37inch tires, full body armor and suspension lift.

There is no other company that can compare with the performance, comfort, and reliability of MetalCloak. Period.

Note: MetalCloak recommends you have a suspension specialist align your Jeep once a MetalCloak suspension is installed.

Note: Rubicon Express is a trademark or service mark owned by Wheel Pros, LLC and is not affiliated with Metalcloak or Armored Works, LLC

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MetalCloak's Jeep TJ Wrangler Game-Changer Suspension is the proven leader among production suspension systems.

Who Is MetalCloak?

MetalCloak creates Game-Changing Products for the Off Road Enthusiast.

Duroflex 101

This short video covers what you need to know about the basics of the Duroflex Joint. How it should be used and what to expect when using it.

Why Gold Zinc?

It's time for The MetalCloak Minute... where we answer frequently asked questions in about a minute. Today's topic: Gold Zinc

Duroflex Joint Maintenance

It's time for The MetalCloak Minute... where we answer frequently asked questions in about a minute. Today's topic: Joint Maintenance

Duroflex Joint Revealed

The MetalCloak Duroflex Joint gives better dampening properties over OEM style rubber Clevite Joints and provides more misalignment than “other” inferior Flex Joints.

Vibration Dampening

We tested our Duroflex Joint using a "Shaker Table" and seismometer app to show how much Vibration Dampening the Duroflex Joint gives you compared to other industry leading joints.

A Comparison of Flex

Comparing the Flex of the Duroflex Joint with that of the Johnny Joint, the Teraflex Monster and the typical Clevite.


"Typical" Radius Arm systems inherently bind causing premature bushing wear and excessive stress on bracketry. The Lock-N-Load solves that problem.

What is Corner Travel Index?

Since 2014 MetalCloak has tested thousands and thousands of rigs at events all across the county collecting specs on the build and cataloging the results. The data collected allows us to make our own products better.

FMVSS 126 Compliant

MetalCloak not only has the best off road flex, but we are also Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 126 certified and compliant. No other company can match our on- and off-road performance.


Lower Front Long Arms

TJ/LJ Lower Front Long Arms

Both the Front Radius Arms and the Lower Rear Hi-Clearance Arms are manufactured for the ultimate in strength and versatility.

  • 2" x .25 wall DOM
  • Signature Gold Zinc Chromate
  • Self Centering Duroflex Joints on both ends
Made strong and made to last!

Control Arm Duroflex Joint Alignment...

The Radius Arm perfected!

  • Fit ideally in to the limited space under the TJ/LJ Wrangler.
  • Aid to the protection of vital components of the under carriage.
  • Allow maximum up and down wheel travel while keeping the pinion angle in check.
  • Have unparalleled on-road handling characteristics that cannot be denied.
MetalCloak solved a long standing problem; Radius Arms typically have a serious problem... BIND. This bind causes premature bushing wear and undue stresses on the axle. Check out our Lock N Load!
Duroflex Misaligned


MetalCloak's Lock-N-Load Radius Arm system removes the most common problem that causes more long term damage to bushings and axles... BIND.

The Lock-N-Load extends at full droop, compressing one spring and extending the other.

At full stuff, the Lock-N-Load compresses. There is always compression and resistance.



The Patented Duroflex™ Joint ( is the key to getting the greatest flex in a bolt-on suspension kit. Period.

Duroflex Control Arm Joint Comparison

MetalCloak has taken the best features of the most widely used control arm joints and combined those features to create the Duroflex Joint, producing a Low-Maintenance, High-Misalignment (34˚), Self-Centering, Rebuildable Joint with an OEM quality ride.

Duroflex Kevlar Bushing

Now with Kevlar!

DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber is now compounded in the proprietary elastomer of the Duroflex Bushing, bringing even more strength, durability and performance.

Kevlar® is a synthetic fiber with extremely high tensile strength to weight ratio…five times stronger than steel and commonly used in bullet proof armor applications.

Duroflex Bushings w/Kevlar® can be identified by the MetalCloak “M” located on the outer surface.

The Duroflex Joint Provides The Best Ride. Period.

High Vibration Dampening & Self Centering...

Made of a Proprietary Elastomer Compound, the High Vibration Dampening and Self-Centering characteristics of the Duroflex Joint means you will always get...

  • The best ride quality
  • No binding of your control arms.
  • None of the micro-wear that DESTROYS Flex Joints
Duroflex Joint Vibration Dampening
Duroflex High Misalignment

High Misalignment...

By adapting the High Transverse Flex characteristics of a typical Flex Joint, the Duroflex Joint gives you...

  • Over 34° of Misalignment
  • Over 68° per Control Arm

Absorbs Micro-Movements...

Because the Duroflex Bushing absorbs the millions of Rotational Micro-Movements found in your daily driving, you get...

  • Improved Ride Quality
  • None of the micro-wear that DESTROYS Flex Joints
Duroflex Mirco Movement
Duroflex High Misalignment

True Bearing Surface...

The outer surface of the Duroflex Bushing acts as a bearing, breaking free when called for, giving you...

  • Maximum Rotation & Articulation
  • No "Binding Up" of the Control Arms

Low Maintenance & Rebuildable...

Unlike typical Flex Joints, the Duroflex does not require replacing key parts every year like others...

But, when you do need to rebuild it, it is MetalCloak Easy!

Just pull out the Duroflex Bushing, clean it up, add some new Teflon impregnated, synthetic silicone grease. Reassemble.


Duroflex Rebuildable
Forged Ends

Forged for Strength...

The adjustable threaded ends are Forged providing a 37% higher fatigue strength over inferior cast parts, this EXTRA rock bashing strength will hold up to whatever you throw at em.

Control Arm Specs

TJ Wrangler Lower Front (SKU #7103)
  • CNC Machined End Ring
  • 1/4" Wall DOM Steel
  • 2.0" OD Tube
  • Precision Locking Nut
  • Gold Zinc Plated
  • Duroflex Joint at Both Ends
TJ Wrangler Lower Front Duroflex Control Arms

Degrees of Articulation

MetalCloak's Duroflex Joint provides 28˚ more articulation and flex than typical control arms! (Learn More About Duroflex Control Arms)

Duroflex Control Arms Articulation Low Articulation Joints

What's in the Kit?

  • Front Lower Long Arms
  • All Required Hardware
Metalcloak Suspension System


Items Details
Compatibility 1997 - 2006 Jeep TJ Wrangler
Long Arm Control Arms 2.0" x .25" DOM Steel Tubing
Duroflex Joint Proprietary Vulcanized Elastomer made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber
Steel Coating Gold Zinc


Suspension Alignment: MetalCloak recommends you have a suspension specialist align your Jeep once a MetalCloak suspension is installed.


Installation Difficulty Easy
Body Modification None
Time to Install 1 - 2 Hours
Installation Instructions Written instructions are not provided for this product. If you have questions about this kit, please reach out via the Contact Us form.

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