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At MetalCloak, we listen to you, the user, constantly improving our products and processes, striving to not just meet, but beat your expectations.

This page is a response to the request for more detailed information regarding why we have such great confidence in the quality of our product.

Confidence not only in the ability of the product to achieve its primary function - the greatest level of clearance possible without body modifications - but also in the level of quality we have at every point of the manufacturing process.

A previous thread showed via animated diagrams the clearance we achieve vs. other typical tube fenders. You can view this thread here:

This new thread will follow the development of a set of fenders for one member of This member, known as FireKite will receive these fenders and then give a full, honest and independent analysis of the full customer experience including the bolt on installations process.

The First Steps....

All MetalCloak products are made up of individual parts. To ensure the best possible consistency and quality of manufacture, every part is laser cut, bent, and machined on CNC machines.

Laser Cutting Parts

Bending Facility

Laser Cut and Bent Parts Waiting Assembly

However, all welding is done by hand, keeping to the traditions of craftmanship and strength and direct quality control.

One of our Welders, a True Craftsman

A Close-Up of the Welds

The Completed Fender

Once the product is completed, it is stored and ready to be shipped out. We strive to always have product on the shelf to avoid back-orders whenever possible.

Products On Shelf and Ready to Go

To be continued...

Your Order...

When your order comes in, we don't simply take it off the shelf and pack it up, if the product is not powdercoated, we DA the metal, ensuring you receive a paint-ready finish.

But, in the case of the order for FireKite, we are applying our Cardinal brand Textured Semi-Gloss Black Powder Coat before shipping.

The first step is to media blast every product using a natural mined media to ensure a quality finish.

Fender Just Coming out of the Media Blaster... and a close-up of the blasted welds.

The powder coating is applied at 2.0 - 2.5 mil thickness, ensuring an incredibly strong finish. No cracking or flaking!

The powdercoated fenders then go into the oven for baking.

The finished powdercoated fender

Close-up of the powdercoated welds


Currently the fenders and flares are assembled prior to shipping. This is an extra step of quality control here at MetalCloak to ensure the products fit EXACTLY as intended. Precision engineering is our goal.

The Flare is Bolted to the Fender

The assembled product is hand wrapped in micro foam, then in bubble wrap, to protect against any damage in shipping.

Close-Up of Micro-Foam wrap

Bubble Wrapped

When a fender and flare is shipped, two boxes are used, each one containing 1 fender, 1 flare, and 1 battery tray. In addition, one of the boxes will have a smaller box with installation hardware and free decals.

The hardware kit contains a tube of Silver Anti-Seize

We also throw in a few decals

The shipment is packed with additional micro foam and bubble wrap for safe transit and less of a mess when opened. No peanuts or hard spray foam here!

Packing a shipment

We can ship across the globe.

Boxes lined up and ready to go via UPS Ground!!!

For feedback from customers and installation reviews, see the original JeepForum thread by clicking here:

The Arched Tube Fenders Exposed - A Start to Finish Review

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