MetalCloak Rocksport Black shock with gold and black exterior

Meet the
RockSport BLACK

Long Travel American Made Performance Shocks.

Red MetalCloak Jeep JT Truck with black Vinyl MetalCloak decals and black powdercoated fenders driving over gravel and grass trail

RockSport Black Reservoir Shocks are custom engineered, meticulously designed and precision manufactured in-house here at MetalCloak.

When it came to expanding our RockSport Line of Shocks, we had two choices... cheap import or custom designed and built in house.

The decision was obvious. Years of engineering and focus have resulted in one of the best performance shocks on the market... with Metalcloak's signature travel and quality.

No Detail is Ignored.

From the easy to grip selector to our MilSpec Hard Coat Anodized trademark Infinity Finish, the RockSport Black not only performs well, but looks good too.

No other adjustable reservoir shock on the market has this level of detail.

No other adjustable reservoir shock on the market gives you this STI (Shock Travel Index) result.

The Specs Speak for Themselves

  • 2.5" Aluminum Body
  • Heavy Duty 3/16" Wall Thickness
  • MilSpec HARD Anodized Black Infinity Finishâ„¢
  • Oversized 7/8" Hardened Chrome Shaft
  • 8 Position Compression Adjustment
  • HARD Anodized Piston
  • Redundant Seals
  • Unique Stackless Parabolic Valving
  • Longest Travel Relative to Size
MetalCloak Rocksport Black shock with gold and black exterior

A Sample of the Tech

silver metallic Parabolic Valve which provides fuild flow in a minimal sized piston stack

Parabolic Valving

Parabolic valving (multiple patents pending) provides precision fluid flow in a minimal sized piston stack. Machined parabolic forms contour the butterfly valve shims when under fluid pressure; the shape is contoured to allow variable resistance depending on force-loads allowing an extremely refined tune.

Piston Compression Ports

The smooth bore, multi-ported piston uses a total of 9 ports to produce an even force-load to the butterfly valve shims; 6 for compression and 3 for rebound that ensure longevity and optimal performance. The Shock Piston is finished with functional Type III Mil-Spec Clear HARD Anodized (Class 1).

silver piston compression ports and rebound port to produce an even force-load to butterfly valve shims
black cutaway of black RockSport shaft with view of internal parts

Inner Recessed Cap

Our completed package allows for maximum shaft length to be utilized and provides more travel than any similar size Monotube shock; even the internals of the end caps are machined out for additional travel. Removable Bump Cap protects the seal assembly from full compression damage and provides access for servicing the shock.

Oversized Chrome Shaft

Oversized 7/8" hard chrome plated shafts, induction hardened to Rockwell C 60+, exceeding most competitors in durability and can take a beating over and over providing the BEST protection from rock debris; this allows a consistently smooth surface for seals and wipers to ride on... promoting longevity and confidence in your dampeners.

black MetalCloak RockSport Black shock with silver metallic shaft

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