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Gold Standard for RAM

Adapting our Game-Changing patented technology, we've created bolt-on components that instantly improve the ride and handling of your Ram Truck.
  • Bolt On
  • Superior Flex
  • Superior Handling
  • Patented Technology
  • Signature Gold Zinc Finish
  • Maintenance Free Duroflex Joints
Game-Changing Suspension Kits [2014 - Current]
Patented Technology. Designed. Engineered. Proven.
Duroflex High Misalignment Vibration Dampening Control Arm Bushing for Ram Truck Lift Kit & Suspension

The Patented Duroflex™ Joint ( is the key to getting high flex, superior control, and unprecidented comfort for Ram Truck.

MetalCloak has taken the best features of the most widely used control arm joints and combined those features to create the Duroflex Joint, producing a Low-Maintenance, High-Misalignment, Self-Centering, Rebuildable Joint with an OEM quality ride.

The Patented Lock-n-Load Upper Control Arm for the RAM Game Changer Radius Arm Suspension ( is precision engineered to solve a common problem with radius arm suspensions: Bind

Lock it for street use to stiffen up the handling and unlock it for increased articulation.

Lock N Load Upper Non Binding Radius Arm for Ram Truck Lift Kit & Suspension
Metalcloak's True Dual Rate Coils with Upper Isolators for Ram Truck Lift Kit & Suspension

MetalCloak has perfected True Dual Rate Coils™ for the Ram Truck - providing stable off-road articulation, amazing on road handling, and great load handling capability.

Our True Dual Rate Coils provide a lifted ride height and improves driveability over stock performance.

Lifted Ram Truck with 4.5 Suspension System from Metalcloak
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The Only Suspension for your Diesel 2500 with Patented & Proven Metalcloak Technology