JK Wrangler Rear Coil Spring Spacer & Retainer Kit

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The MetalCloak JK Rear Coil Spring Spacer & Retainer adjusts corner height and assures the rear coils stay in place. The Spacer/Retainer solution attaches the the rear coils to the spring perches and then spacer plates can be stacked to dial in that perfect ride height.

Features Include:
  • (2) Laser Cut Gold Zinc Plated Steel Retainer Rings
  • (4) Rear Laser Cut Gold Zinc Plated Steel Spacer Rings
  • (2) Gold Zinc Plated Grade 8 bolts
  • (2) Spring Retainer Flag Nuts
  • (2) Black Zinc Plated Lock Washers
  • Made in the USA
While MetalCloak's True Dual Rate Coils ensures the spring stays [click for more...] in contact at full droop, not all coils are made the same. If you have other aftermarket coils or your custom set up depends on limiting straps or uses the shocks as an end stop; it is possible for the coil to come loose or worst case fall out if those limiters break unexpectedly. The spring retainer is a great way to ensure the spring stays in place.

Coil Spring Spacers are shims that will help you fine tune the corner height of your JK Wrangler, specific for your Jeep build. When adding accessories it may affect the way your Jeep sits as you add weight to one side or the other. Ride height spacers are an affordable and easy way to adjust ride height to level out your Jeep.

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MetalCloak's JK Wrangler Suspension is the proven leader among production suspension systems.

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Rear Coil Spring Spacers

Rear Coil Spring Spacers
These are perfect for fine tuning the corner height on your Jeep.
  • Allows for precise corner height adjustments
  • Made of 1/8" Steel Plate
  • Gold Zinc Plated Finish
As you build your Jeep and add accessories it can cause it to have a slight lean as the weight may not be balanced perfectly on the chassis; although this is only a cosmetic issue you can remedy it easily with the combination of spacers and retainers.

Rear Coil Spring Retainers

  • Easy Installation
  • Ensures Coil Spring Can Not Fall Out
  • 1/4" Thick Steel
  • Gold Zinc Plated Finish
Don't take a chance on your coil spring falling out at extremes of articulation or rattling in the bucket. Get MetalCloak's Coil Spring Retainers for absolute assurance your springs stay in place.
Rear Coil Spring Retainer

What's In The Kit?

Whats in the Kit
  • Rear Coil Spring Spacers (4)
  • Rear Coil Spring Retainers (2)
  • All Required Hardware


Items Details
Compatibility 2007 - 2018 JK Wrangler
Rear Coil Spring Spacers 1/8" Steel Plate
Rear Coil Spring Retainers 1/4" Hot Rolled Steel
Steel Coating Gold Zinc


Installation Difficulty Easy
Body Modification None
Time to Install 1 Hour
Installation Instructions Click Here to see a full list of MetalCloak Installation Instructions.

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