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JK Wrangler 4-Link Long Arm Compound Suspension System, 4.5"/5.5", No Shock Edition

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Product ID: 7226*
The JK Wrangler 4-Link Long Arm Compound Suspension System, 4.5"/5.5", No Shock Edition is a weld-on Long Arm suspension system. The weld-on brackets for the upper front control arms provide the best pinion angle control for high-speed off-road wheeling.[more...]

MetalCloaks bolt-on DB3 rear set up, allowing optimal rear control arm geometry with the best clearance gives a perfect balance. Pinion angle and wheelbase change is least affected through the range of suspension movement with this suspension. High speed, rock crawl, expedition, or daily driver; for taller lift heights this may be the ultimate system.

Now made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber - the first suspension components manufactured with Kevlar® for industry leading durability.

Highlighted system features are:
  • Front Weld on Brackets
  • Rear Bolt on DB3
  • High-Misalignment Vibration Dampening Duroflex™ Front Long Arms
  • Front and Rear Durotrak™ Bushing equipped track bars
  • Rear Coil Alignment Retainers
  • True Dual Rate™ Coils
  • Hi-Steer Kit
BTW, this system also out performs most long-arm kits in travel, articulation and flex with the smoothest and most predictable ride on or off-road with premium performance; this is as good as it gets.

Important Notes:
  • Front and Rear driveshafts required.
  • This suspension requires an Exhaust Loop Bypass Pipe on 2012+ JK's
Note: All lifted 2012+ JK's require exhaust spacers to clear front drive shaft at full droop. And we recommend you have a suspension specialist align your jeep once a MetalCloak Suspension is installed. [less...]
Availability: Shipping Within 2-3 Business Days
Price As Configured:


JK Wrangler 4-Link Long Arm Compound Suspension System, 4.5"/5.5", No Shock Edition  
[what's this?]
[what's this?]
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MetalCloak's Jeep JK Wrangler Game-Changer Suspension is the proven leader among production suspension systems.

Who Is MetalCloak?

MetalCloak creates Game-Changing Products for the Off Road Enthusiast.

Duroflex 101

This short video covers what you need to know about the basics of the Duroflex Joint. How it should be used and what to expect when using it.

Coil Springs 101

This short video covers what you need to know about the basics of Single Linear Rate Coil Springs and MetalCloak's True Dual Rate Coils. How Linear Coil Springs and MetalCloak's True Dual Rate Coils work and what to expect when using them.

Durotrack Bushing

This short video covers what you need to know about the Durotrak Bushing. The Patented Durotrak™ Bushing ( is a bushing made with a proprietary rubber compound unique to MetalCloak.

Rear Correction Bracket "DB3"

The "DB3" re-positions the rear control arms to operate within a corrected radius. This system drastically reduces bump-steer on lifted Jeeps and provides the best control arm geometry available, period. This is only available from MetalCloak.


Four Link Lower Front Long Arm The  Lower Front Control Arms are precision engineered for our 4-link front suspension. Mounted using a bolt-on bracket, the control arms are designed for lift heights of 4.5 and up, provide amazing flex, the best pinion angle control for taller lifts, and still give incredible handling and the smoothest ride on or off road. 

Equipped with the proven game changing MetalCloak Patented Duroflex™ ( self-centering composite bushings at both ends for a combined misalignment of over 68 degrees. 

All parts are treated with Gold Zinc Chromate for the ultimate in defense against the elements. 
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The Upper Front Control Arms are installed using a welded-on bracket for precise geometry.

Equipped with the Duroflex™ joints at the frame-end, the arms use the stock bushings or the Metacloak Bushing Upgrade kit (not included) at the axle end.

Four Link Upper Front Long Arms

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Rear Control Arm Drop Bracket on Jeep "Only available at MetalCloak"

MetalCloak's Patent Pending "DB3" Rear Control Arm Correction Kit ( is the only solution to lift a Jeep JK Wrangler over 4.5 inches without cutting off the factory brackets and other costly modifications. This product corrects the geometry of the control arms to enable the full use of up and down travel.

The entire bracket assembly is welded together for incredible strength, has built in approach skids, and all surfaces are angled to keep from catching on obsticles. Installs into factory locations that bolt it securely in place.

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Adding this system improves rear control arm geometry and adjusts rear axle caster for lifted JK Wranglers. The flatter the control arms are the better; the benefits are immediately felt with a smoother ride and stable handling as the roll center has been adjusted. Braking performance also improves maximizing safety along with the comfort and performance of your Jeep JK Wrangler.

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Typical Long Arm Vs DB3 Drop Bracket At Ride Hieght

The DB3 provides better control arm geometry than a any rear long arm available and is tucked close to the rear tire to give you an advantage in approach angle over rear long arm set ups.

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Typical Long Arm Vs DB3 Drop Bracket At Full Droop

When articulated, rear long arms can drag and catch on obstacles that can get you stuck; eliminate this problem with the DB3 and get even better control arm geometry.

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Duroflex Kevlar Bushing The MetalCloak Kevlar® bushings can be identified by the M located on the surface.

DuPont™ Kevlar® continues to take on new challenges, their scientists are continuously innovating and working on a range of new opportunities through collaborations with communities, industrial manufacturers, and governments. Together we’re bringing the strength, durability and performance of Kevlar® to new frontiers. Kevlar® aramid fiber is pushing boundaries and defying obstacles every day.
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The Patented Duroflex Joint ( is the key to getting the greatest flex in a
JK Wrangler bolt-on suspension kit. Period.

OEM Clevite and Typical Flex Joint is the Duroflex Joint

MetalCloak has taken the best features of the most widely used control arm joints and combined those features to create the Duroflex Joint, producing a Low-Maintenance, High-Misalignment (34°), Self-Centering, Rebuildable Joint with an OEM quality ride.

OEM Style Clevite Joint Typical Flex Joint MetalCloak Duroflex Joint
  • High Vibration Dampening
  • Self-Centering
  • Fused at Center Bushing
    (No Bearing Surface Wear)
  • High Transverse Flex
  • High Rotational Flex
  • Rebuildable
  • High Vibration Dampening
  • Self-Centering
  • Fused Center Bushing
    (No Bearing Surface Wear)
  • High Transverse Flex
  • High Rotational Flex
  • Rebuildable
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MetalCloak's Duroflex Joint provides 28° more articulation and flex than typical control arms!

Duroflex Control Arms Articulation Low ARticulation Joints.
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JK Wrangler Lower Rear
(SKU #7003)

  • CNC Machined
  • 3/16" Wall DOM Steel
  • 1.5" OD
  • Precision Locking Nut
  • Gold Zinc Plate
  • Duroflex Joint at Both Ends
  • Lengthened 5/8" for Best Axle Position

7003 Specifications

7004 Specifications

JK Wrangler Upper Rear
(SKU #7004)

  • CNC Formed
  • 3/16" Wall DOM Steel
  • 1.5" OD
  • Precision Locking Nut
  • Designed for Oversize Tire Clearance
  • Gold Zinc Plate
  • Duroflex Joint at Both Ends
  • Lengthened for Best Axle Position
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MetalCloak JK Wrangler True Dual Rate™ Coils have one of the longest free length in the industry for greater articulation without sacrificing the OEM ride quality.

Without the advantage of the Dual Rate Design, the required Spring Rate would be too low and "squishy" -- just loading your Jeep up with supplies would affect ride height and quality.

Understanding Dual Rate Coils
JK Wrangler 5.5" True Dual Rate™ Coils, 2 Door Front JK Wrangler 5.5" True Dual Rate™ Coils, 4 Door Front
SS-2038 SS-2040
JK Wrangler 5.5" True Dual Rate™ Coils, 2 Door Rear JK Wrangler 5.5" True Dual Rate™ Coils, 4 Door Rear
SS-2039 SS-2041
Learn More about the True Dual Rate™ Coils Specifications >>>
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7187 Exploded View When lifting a Jeep, the pinion angle must be turned upwards to match the new drive-line angle.The changed pinion angle rolls the axle backwards and moves the factory spring plates, that once were horizonta, to an angled plane; this causes coil springs to bow and not seat properly.

Correct the alignment for your rear coils.
  • Easy Installation
  • Corrects Coil Alignment Keeping Coil From Bowing
  • Secures Coil Springs & Ensures Coil Spring Stays Seated
  • 1/4" Thick Steel
  • Gold Zinc Plated Finish
Added safety...

Our system also features an in-coil retainer that attaches the coil spring to the coil bucket keeping you safer when at the extremes of articulation; this security feature also prevents rattling coils.
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Our Adjustable Bump-Stop removes the guess work on your Jeep and lets you build the
bump stop you need, when you need it.

Metalcloak Adjustable Bump Stop System...

  • Adjust from 1" - 4" Without Removing Coils
  • Perfect Height Regardless of Tire Size
  • Thermoset Rubber Dampens Impact
  • Additional Pads Available on Request

Get Correct Bump-Stop Height Every Time!

  • 4" - Use all 4 sections and longest hardware bolts for maximum bump-stop height
  • 3" - Use all 3 sections and long hardware bolts for maximum bump-stop height
  • 2" - Two sections and medium hardware bolts are used for medium bump-stop height
  • 1" - One section and the short hardware bolts are used for the minimum bump-stop height
JK Sectional Bump-Stops

Learn More about the Adjustable Bump Stops >>>

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Manufactured from trail-proven natural thermoset rubber, each puck is designed to work universally with your JK Wrangler.

Designed specifically for the JK Wrangler,
the system comes with 4 Rectangular Pucks,
allowing for easy adjustment between 1" - 4"

7043 Exploded View
Learn More about the Rear Adjustable Bump Stops >>>
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Durotrak Bushing

The Patented Durotrak Bushing ( is a NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) bushing made with a proprietary rubber compound unique to MetalCloak. The Durotraktwo part bushing is comprised of two pieces that thread together making this bushing simple to install without a press, reduces vibration and harshness transferred to the driver, and improves vehicle steering input.

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SOLID CHROMOLY DUROTRAK FRONT TRACK BAR KEEPS YOU... WELL... ON TRACK. Formed for ultimate Up-Travel & Down-Travel the JK Wrangler Front Track Bar
gives unprecedented strength, clearance, and improved ride stability.
JK Front Track Bar
Learn More about the JK Wrangler Front Track Bar >>>
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The Solid Chromoly track bar is uniquely designed to clear on up-travel as well as downtravel.
No other track bar is designed with up-travel in mind.
JK Wrangler Hi Clearance Rear Track Bar
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The bolt-on relocation and clearance bracket provides an easy to install solution that keeps the track bar... on track.
JK Wrangler Track Bar Relocation Bracket
Learn More about the JK Wrangler Rear Track Bar >>>
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At 4.5" is is important to correct the steering so we include the Hi-Steer kit standard with every 4.5" suspsension system we offer. It starts with the Drag Link -- High misalignment rod ends, double adjustable, tubular alloy steel, and clears aftermarket diff covers.

JK Wrangler Drag Link Diagram

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Boot Sealed - Keeps grease in and dirt out

Anti Flop Feature - Precision range of movement

Massive 1-Ton Rod Ends - Provides additional strength

JK Specific OE Bolt Taper - Secure mount

Dog Leg Tie Rod End Diagram

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Anti Flop

This specially designed rod end has been engineered just for the JK Wrangler steering.

Full side to side range of motion ensures bind free steering when pushing the extremes of your Jeeps travel and articulation, while a limited "front to back" range of movement is built into the rod-end and eliminates the possibility of the offset to allow the tie-rod to "flop".

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As part of the Hi-Steer Kit this bracket raises the track bar to correct steering geometry in conjunction with the Drag-link flip hi-steer for use when lifting a Jeep JK over 3.5 inches, this bracket also incorporates a raised mount for the steering stabilizer for added protection!

The durable bracket is constructed of 7GA Laser Cut CAD formed steel and is finished in Gold Zinc plating for a molecular bond that protects against the elements; relocation bracket is 100% bolt on.

Flip Kit

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JK Sway Bar Quick Disconnect
  • Extended to 14.5"
  • Easy Install
  • Easy to use Quick Link Pins
  • Fit and Finish of an OE Product, Easy to Install
  • Gold Zinc Chromate
Bolts in place with no cutting or modification required.
14.5 Quick Disconnects
Sway Bar Links JK Extended Length Sway Bar Links, JK 14.5"
  • Extended to 14.5"
  • OE Quality Fit and Finish
  • Durable Gold Zinc Chromate
  • Easy Installation
  • Designed for Electronic Sway Bar on JK Wranglers
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From the Teflon Inner Core, to the Stainless Steel Braid and Poly Safety Coat, the MetalCloak replacement Brake Lines are the best available on the market today.

Longer than typical brake lines of similar lift heights because of our additional clearance and travel.

JK Wrangler Brakelines
Learn More about the JK Wrangler Replacement Brake Lines >>>


Drag Link 1.375 OD X .375 Wall DOM A513
Flip Kit Bracket 7GA Hot Rolled Steel
Track Bars 4130 Solid Chromoly
Durotrack Bushing Proprietary Vulcanized Rubber
Track Bar Bracket 7GA Hot Rolled Steel
Rear Control Arms 1 1/2" .187 DOM Steel Tubing
Long Arm Control Arms 2.0" x .25" DOM Steel Tubing
"DB3" Drop Brackets 7GA Hot Rolled Steel
Duroflex Joint Proprietary Vulcanized Rubber made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber
Coils High Tensile Chrome Steel
Coil Spring Retainer 1/4" Hot Rolled Steel
Angle Correction Plate 7GA Hot Rolled Steel
Sway Bar Links 1/2" - 13 Steel
Brakelines Braided Stainless Hose
Front Bump Stops Thermoset Rubber
Rear Bump Stops Thermoset Rubber
Shock Mount 7GA Hot Rolled Steel
Total Weight 260 lbs
Available in Gold Zinc? Yes
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Installation Difficulty Difficult - Licensed Installer Recommended
Body Modification Cutting & Welding
Time to Install 15 - 18 Hours
Installation Instructions Click Here to see a full list of MetalCloak Installation Instructions.
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100% of 100
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