JK Wrangler 2-Door Stealth Rec Pack

The Pro Stealth Rack for the JK wrangler has the highest rated load capacity available and enables you to put the hard top on or off without removing the rack. This is a grouping of items at a discount to get your Jeep outfitted and allow you to bring along the cargo you need.

Features: This package features the highest load capacity available with 2" diameter tubing to keep[click for more...] the rack steady on the Jeep; the rear Hoop mounts with 1/4' steel gusseted brackets attaching directly to the frame.

Front Hoop adds protection to the window frame and has handles welded in place providing added convenience.

CNC Clamps bolt the 2" 120 wall spreader bars to the front and rear hoops to complete the connection. Kat Walk is included for easy access to the front of the rack.

Hinge Steps are included to aid in getting up on Katwalk and when securing loads on the rack.

Billet Tombstone mounts are included to attach the Cage Utility Bars that are sized to fit accessory mounts for Yakima products; i.e: bicycle, kayak, sup. Mod-Rak Stealth aluminum cargo platforms provide a sturdy location to strap containers and gear onto and ensure your items stay in place.

The ARS low profile Load Bar Clamps are the solution for adding accessory load bars while keeping the overall assembly height minimized. Made of solid rust-proof billet aluminum,the clamps have a type III anodized finish and the versatile Load Bar Clamps may be positioned universally along the length of a 2.0" diameter tube (ARS Roof Truss). Clamps(2) fasten using a total of six zinc plated socket head bolts. Sold in pairs.

The ARS Load bar kit is just what you need to add any of the needed accessory mounts to your ARS rack.

All these great features are included in this system that allows you to be able to take the hard top off or on without removing the rack! This "starter" package contains a discount for multiple item purchase and is a great way to outfit your Jeep for adventure.

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Jeep JK Wrangler Adventure Rack Systems

JK Adventure Rack Systems

The ARS Rack is a most capable carrying system available for the Jeep Wrangler.

Black Powdercoat

MetalCloak's Premium Black Textured Powdercoat process is detailed in this updated video.


Hard Top Removal

The 2-Door Pro Rack is the most capable carrying system available for the Jeep Wrangler. The only rack designed so the hard top may be taken off or on without removing.

Simply remove the mounting hardware for the hard top and slide it off; no alterations to the rack system needed.

Hard Top Removal

Front Hoop Light Bar Pro

Front Hoop One Piece Design

The front light bar hoop mount is a one-piece design and is made of strong 2” diameter steel tube. The hoop is a solid anchoring point for accessories and provides protection for the window assembly.

Integrated Weld-On Handles

The front hoop light bar pro has welded-on 1" x .120 wall steel tube handles that let you get up and into your Jeep and also provide easy access to the optional kat walk accessory or roof rack.

Integrated Weld-On Handles

Factory Mounts

Corrosion Resistant Hardware

The front hoop bolts directly to the front window assembly via factory attachment points for maximum strength. The hoop requires no drilling or body modification and is secured into place using industrial grade corrosion resistant hardware.

Front Hoop Finishing Caps

The front hoop 2" steel tube is finished with a heavy duty finishing cap to prevent moisture from getting into the tube and causing internal rust.

ARS Front Hoop Finishing Caps

Mounting Pod Lights

Pod Lights

The front hoop allows pod lights to mount directly to the hoop.

Rear Pro Hoop Kit

The rear hoop is made of strong 2" x .120 wall steel tube and mounts directly to the frame and provides superior off-road protection for the rear corners of the JK Wrangler. The rear hoop is black powdercoated to protect the hoop from the elements and does not require any drilling or body modifications.

ARS Rear Pro Hoop Kit

Shelf-Lock Billet Connectors

ARS Rear Hoop Two Piece Design

Shelf-Lock Billet connections allow for ease of installation and increased functionality.

The rear hoop connects to the rear uprights with solid billet, overlapping Shelf-Locks and secure into place with industrial grade corrosion resistant hardware.

The Billet Shelf Lock connectors are fully welded into the tubes for incredible strength and help facilitate ease of assembly.

Hard Top Adapter Brackets

The rear hoop comes with the Pro Rack Hard Top Rear Adapter Bracket. The adapter bracket is made of 7GA hot rolled steel, raises the rear hoop and spreader bars to clear the factory hard top with no contact.

ARS Hard Top Adapter Brackets

Noise Vibration Dampening Bushings

ARS Two Piece Bushing

The rear hoop utilizes noise vibration dampening, two-piece hi durometer urethane bushings. These bushings prevent squeaks and rattles when out on the trail. Each NVH bushing assembly houses a zinc plated steel sleeve for additional strength and to prevent undo wear on the bushings.

Frame Mounting Brackets

The rear mounting bracket for the JK rear hoop mount to factory locations at the frame and do not require any drilling or body modifications. The rear frame brackets are CAD formed, laser cut, and made of 1/4” hot rolled steel with an added gusset providing incredible strength and stability for the rack system.

Frame Mounting Brackets

2-Door Pro Roof Rails

2-Door Pro Roof Rails

The Jeep Wrangler 2-Door JK Pro Roof Rails are used as part of our modular roof system. The roof rails integrate with the front and rear hoops to create a rigid and stable cargo management system. The rails are finished in a durable black texture powdercoat to protect them against the elements and to keep them looking good.

CNC Billet Clamps

The rails are equipped with CNC steel billet clamps that are secured to the front and rear hoop mounts with corrosion resistant hardware and has a clamping force of 800lbs!

ARS Pro Rails CNC Billet Clamps

Engineered Bend

ARS 2-Door Pro Roof Rail Engineered Bend

The pro roof rails are made of strong 2” diameter steel tube and have engineered front bends creating a stronger and sturdier support when out on the trails or on the road.

Low Profile Design

The roof rails have a low profile design that gives the lowest center of gravity possible when the rack is loaded to capacity. Rack supports (375lbs dynamic) and allows for a load capacity of 850lbs (static).

ARS 2-Door Pro Roof Rails Lo Profile Design

JK Wrangler Kat-Walk

JK Wrangler Kat-Walk

The Kat-Walk is made of strong 1.25” x .120 wall steel tubing and is secured to the front hoop with welded 7GA hot rolled steel mounting points. The Kat-Walk is finished in a durable black powdercoat to protect against corrosion and the elements.

Easy Access

Providing a step at the front of your JK the Kat-Walk accessory makes accessing the top of the Jeep safer and easier when loading or unloading your roof rack and can hold up to 350lbs! ARS is the only company to provide a front hoop step for a modular roof rack system.

Man on ARS Kat-walk

Slip Resistant Step Platform

Kat-Walk Slip Resistant Step

The steel platform spans the width of your Jeep and is made of sturdy 10GA hot rolled steel. The platform is dimpled to provide a no-slip surface to stand on.

Quick and Easy Installation

The Kat-walk mounts using industrial grade corrosion resistant hardware and can be bolted on in minutes making for a quick and easy install. Best of all the JK Wrangler Kat-Walk is made right here in the USA.

Corrosion Resistant Hardware

MetalCloak Pro Step

MetalCloak Pro Step

The MetalCloak Pro Step is a flip down attachment to help you gain access to your Jeep safely and efficiently. The 100% stainless steel step eliminates the chance of rust even after multiple uses. The flip down steps have stainless steel micro tension adjustment, and pivot on flanged nylon bushings for smooth rattle free operation.

Two Piece Design

Two section adjustable powdercoated steel mount keeps the door from coming misaligned during installation as only one side of the hinge needs to be detached at a time to mount and has no need for “shims or washers” for a perfect fit.
Two Piece Design

Flange Nylon Pivot Bushings

Flange Nylon Pivot Bushings
The platform steps pivot on four nylon flange bushings for a smoother adjustment and flip down movement.These nylon bushings also prevent metal to metal contact which can cause undo wear on the hardware and step body.

Welded Stainless Steel Stop Pin & Micro Tension Bolts

The fully welded stainless steel stop pins eliminate additional areas for rust and are the strongest option for this application. The flip down platforms utilize stainless steel micro tension adjustment bolts that allow for small adjustments to tighten or loosen the platform for your desired tension.
Welded Stainless Steel Stop Pin

Stainless Steel Flip Down Platforms

Stainless Steel Flip Down Platforms
Stainless steel flip down platforms are made from 100% stainless steel, are equipped with a fully welded stop pin. They are designed with slip resistant ridges providing a strong & secure grip for your foot. The stainless steel platforms flip up to minimize hang up points when out on the trail. The steps are engineered to easily hold up to 350lbs.

Mod-Rack Stealth Platform

Aluminum cargo platforms mount flush between Pro Roof Rails. These light, sturdy, and virtually out of sight from the side-view pieces allow cargo to be mounted directly to and securely fastened. These platforms are strong enough to walk on when fastened.
Stealth Kit

Load Bars

ARS Load Bar Kit 1.125 OD Accessory Load Bars at 60in wide are built with thick walled .125 aluminum tube and mount using ARS low-profile billet aluminum Load Bar Clamps.

Cross Load Bars

Cross Over Billet Clamps

Load Bar Clamps

The low profile Load Bar Clamp is a versatile solution for adding accessory load bars while keeping the overall assembly height minimized. Made of solid rust-proof billet aluminum; the versatile Load Bar Clamps may be positioned universally along the length of a 2.0 diameter tube (ARS Roof Truss). Clamps fasten using three zinc plated socket head bolts.

Accessory Mounts

The ARS Load bar kit is just what you need to add any of the needed accessory mounts to your ARS rack.

Load bars are the most versatile diameter to fit the accessories you are looking to put on your rack. Kayaks, Bikes, boards, skis, etc..

Load bars fit the "most" prevalent rack accessories (Yakima/Thule).

ARS Rack Accessory Options

Whats in the Kit?

Whats in the Kit
  • Pro Front Hoop
  • Pro Rear Hoop
  • Rear Frame Mounts
  • 2-Door Spreader Bars
  • Kat-Walk
  • MetalCloak Pro Step
  • Tombstone Mounts
  • Load Bars & Cross Over Clamps
  • Mod-Rack Stealth Cargo Platform
  • All Required Hardware


Items Details
Compatibility 2007 - 2018 4-Door JK Wrangler
Front Hoop 2" X .120 Wall Steel Tube
Integrated Handle 1" X .120 Wall Steel Tube
Rear Hoop 2" X .120 Wall Steel Tube
Rear Frame Mount Brackets 1/4" Hot Rolled Steel
Rear Adapter Brackets 7GA Hot Rolled Steel
Bushings Hi-Durometer Urethane Bushings
Pro Roof Rails 2" X .120 Wall Steel Tube
Clamps 3" X .50 Wall Mild Carbon Steel
Stealth Kit 12GA Aluminum
Cross Over Clamps .625 Aluminum 6061-T6
Load Bars 1.125 x .125 Wall, 6061-T6 Aluminum Tube
Coating Black Powdercoat & Black Anodized


Soft Top: The rear pro hoop kit is designed for a low profile, close fitment to the factory hard top. Factory soft top applications require the rear adapter bracket (R55029) for proper clearance.


Installation Difficulty Easy
Body Modification None
Time to Install 3 - 4 Hours
Installation Instructions Click Here to see a full list of ARS Installation Instructions.

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