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JK Wrangler Unlimited Center Seat Support

It's the First, the Original JK Wrangler Seat Support from Metalcloak!

Jeep did a great job designing the JK... but for some reason they missed a critical point on the rear seat.

If you have a 4-Door JK Wrangler Unlimited, you are going to want this product.

Take a look under your back seat... there is NO support for structure under the center seat. Metalcloak was the first to discover this and make a simple, easy to install, aluminum bracket to solve this critical problem.

End the uncomfortable back seat ride forever with this easy to install Metalcloak Center Seat Support.

It's bad enough being stuck in the middle, why be uncomfortable too?

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End the Center Seat Sag!
At MetalCloak, we have been a company of firsts. From 6Pak Shocks to True Dual Rate Coils to Removable Steel Fenders.

And now we are the first company to want to make your back seat ride just a little more comfortable.

JK Wrangler Unlimited's have a rear seat designed with space for three people, right? It has three sets of seatbelts? So why did they leave out the underseat support for the center space? No one knows.

But don't despair, MetalCloak is there to help with all your JK Wrangler needs.

Introducing the Original JK Wrangler Unlimited Center Seat Support!

Made of beautiful and lightweight 1/8" Aluminum Plate, the bracket installs easily with four zip ties. Just set it and forget it... and your center seat may become the favorite!

Center Seat Support 1/8" Aluminum Plate
Total Weight 2 lbs
Available in Raw? Yes
Available in Black Powdercoat? No
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Installation Difficulty Easy
Body Modification None
Time to Install 10 Minutes
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At MetalCloak we work continuously to give you the best possible installation instructions. We constantly take customer feedback and look at how we can make the instructions better for you. Click below to see our full list of installation instructions.

Click Here to see a full list of MetalCloak Installation Instructions.
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