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JK Rear Coil Spring Alignment Correction/Retainer

The MetalCloak JK Rear Coil Spring Alignment/Retainer Kit assists the rear coils to compress without bowing by aligning the angle of the lower perch to the angle of the upper coil bucket and keeps the coils secured in place.

Correcting the angle for the rear coils to better match the upper coil bucket location allows a truer inline path. Along with the alignment correction, this kit also keeps the rear coils secure with a coil retainer that bolts on and ensures that the coil stays seated in the lower bucket.

Additional benefits...
While MetalCloak's True Dual Rate Coils are designed so the spring stays in contact at full droop, not all coils are made the same. If you have another aftermarket coil or a custom shock set up that depends on limiting straps or may use the shock as the travel limiter, it is possible for the coil to fall out if one of them breaks unexpectedly. The added spring retainer is just one more safety feature to make sure you are prepared for anything.

Complete Rear Coil Spring Alignment / Retainer Kit Includes:
  • (2) Laser Cut Gold Zinc Plated Steel Retainer Rings
  • (2) Laser Cut Alignment Plates
  • (2) Spring Retainer Flag nuts
  • All Neccessary Hardware

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This short video covers what you need to know about the Rear Coil Spring Alignment Retainer Kit. When you lift your Jeep, pinion angles on your axles are corrected to better match your drivelines, this angle in the rear can cause a bow in your lift springs that will affect the performance of the coils.

Rear Coil Spring Alignment Retainer Kit re-aligns the angle of the lower perch on your lifted Jeep to better match the angle of the upper coil bucket.

Check Out the Video>>>

  • Easy Installation
  • Corrects Coil Alignment Keeping Coil From Bowing
  • Ensures Coil Spring Stays Seated
  • 1/4" Thick Steel
  • Gold Zinc Plated Finish
Added safety...

Corrects the alignment for your rear coils and keep them from bowing during compression and interfering with other components.

This system also features a retainer feature that ensures that your coil spring stays seated in the coil bucket when at the extremes of articulation and prevents rattling in the coil bucket.
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Items Materials
Coil Spring Retainer 1/4" Hot Rolled Steel
Angle Correction Plate 7GA Hot Rolled Steel
Weight 4 lbs
Available in Gold Zinc? Yes

OEM Clevite and Typical Flex Joint is the Duroflex Joint
Installation Difficulty Easy
Body Modification Bolt On
Time to Install 1 Hour
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At MetalCloak we work continuously to give you the best possible installation instructions. We constantly take customer feedback and look at how we can make the instructions better for you. Click below to see our full list of installation instructions.

Click Here to see a full list of MetalCloak Installation Instructions.
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