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Jeep Wrangler Overline Tube Fenders
Silver Jeep in the snow Gray Jeep covered in mud Black Jeep covered in dirt Black Jeep driving through a mud puddle Yellow Jeep crwaling over rocks Blue Jeep on grass with water in the background Black Jeep with mud-covered tires in the forest

The unique Overline Tube Fenders brought MetalCloak to the forefront of the Body Armor Industry with a high-clearance, truly bolt-on, full replacement fender. Similar to our signature Arched Tube Fender, but with a traditional flat-fender look. MetalCloak continued to lead the industry in quality and functionality by providing the greatest amount of clearance possible without cutting or replacing your hood. Clearance diagrams show that no other tube fender on the market today provides as much clearance as the MetalCloak Overline Tube Fenders.

The Original Full Replacement Fender providing the absolute most tire clearance (without hacking your Jeep, without replacing stock components and without replacing your hood).

Available for the '97 - '06 Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ, the '87 - '95 Jeep Wrangler YJ, and the '72 - '85 Jeep CJ... choose the fender for you rig below to see details about clearance and ease of installation.

Stock Clearance Jeep

Introduction to MetalCloak Arched & Overline Tube Fenders

Arched Tube Fender

Arched Tube Fenders

Jeep Rocker Protection

Integrated Rocker Rails

Jeep Corner Guard Protection

Corner Guards

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