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How to Adapt Generic Rockers to MetalCloak Fenders
For many Jeep owners, one of the first pieces of body armor you put on your rig was a Rocker Protection. Protecting that most vulnerable of body parts, the rocker panels, is definitely a high priority.

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How to Fix Your Hood if it Rubs on the MetalCloak Fenders
Some customers have asked exactly their hoods rubbing on the MetalCloak fenders, so I wanted to share with you here why that happens and how to easily fix it.

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How to Clean Up "Rock Rash" on your Powdercoat
So, you bought MetalCloak Rock-Biting Body Armor for your Jeep and now you have the best Tube Fender, Rockers, Corner Guards and Bumpers available on your rig.

The famous MetalCloak clearance diagrams originally posted on JeepForum that detail how and why MetalCloak is simply the best.
Diagram of MetalCloak fender tire clearance
MetalCloak tire and fender clearance
Originally posted as a series on JeepForum, this detailed thread exposes every step of our manufacturing and shipping process and why we have the best quality in the industry. MORE>>>
person welding metal
stack of MetalCloak fenders on shelf