Crow's Foot 1 11/16" Duroflex Jam Nut Wrench

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MetalCloak's Crow's Foot 1 11/16" Duroflex Jam Nut Wrench is specifically designed to work with your MetalCloak suspension control arms.

Features Includes
  • 1 11/16" Crow Foot
  • Strong 3/8 Laser Cut AR400
  • Space Saving Design For Tool Bag
  • Perfect Fit For MetalCloak Control Arms
  • Gold Zinc Plated for Protection Against the Elements
The specially designed and laser-etched 1 11/16" (1.68") crows foot precisely fits [click for more...] the jam nuts on the Duroflex Control Arms and easily fits onto a 1/2" ratchet enabling it to reach into areas with minimal room. Saving weight and room in your already crowded tool bag.

Made of laser cut 3/8" Hot Rolled Steel, the tool is finished in Gold Zinc for a classic premium look and long lasting MetalCloak quality.

Take one with you on the trail for maintenance or for a quick check up after a long day of wheeling.

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MetalCloak's Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator Suspension.

Who Is MetalCloak?

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Why Gold Zinc?

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FMVSS 126 Compliant

MetalCloak not only has the best off road flex, but we are also Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 126 certified and compliant. No other company can match our on- and off-road performance.


Crow's Foot 1 11/16" Duroflex Jam Nut Wrench

Hex Jam Nut Adjustable Wrench
The wrench is designed to work with a 1/2" ratchet for easy adjustment or tightening of Duroflex Control Arms.
  • CAD Designed
  • Laser cut
  • 3/8" AR400
  • MetalCloak's Signature Gold Zinc.
  • Laser Etched for Easy Identification

Keep one in your tool bag for a quick check after a trail run, or for fine tuning your Suspension system.

What's In The Kit?

  • 1 11/16" Crow Foot Duroflex Jam Nut Wrench (1)
Whats in the Kit


Items Details
Compatibility 1 11/16" Hex Nuts
Hex Nut Wrench 3/8" AR400
Steel Coating Gold Zinc


Installation Difficulty Easy
Body Modification None
Time to Install N/A
Installation Instructions Written instructions are not provided for this product. If you have questions about this kit, please reach out via the Contact Us form.

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