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RockSport Steering Stabilizer

MetalCloak recommends a RockSport Steering Stabilizer for Jeep Wrangler with larger than stock tires. This features a 16mm chrome shaft for additional strength and stiffer valving in the over-sized body that keep vibrations and bump steer feedback to a minimum. This is for only the stabilizer without any brackets.

This system is simple to install and uses the existing factory holes in many cases for a bolt-on application.

This improved performance will assist in the overall ride and control of your Jeep.

Note: The RockSport steering stabilizer kit works with Left Hand Drive applications only. This is for only the stabilizer without any hardware or mounting brackets. Please use these links for stabilizer kit for your application: TJ Wrangler / JK Wrangler

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Steering Stabilizer Video

A Jeep steering stabilizer for Jeep Wranglers with larger tires and lift suspensions. Designed for on and off-road use this product has been specifically engineered for the rigors of larger tires and Jeeps with lift suspensions; the over-sized body contains stiffer valving for the increased pressure loads. Double welded bushing eyes and natural rubber bushing add additional strength and vibration dampening while the 16mm chromed shaft prevents it from bending in harsh conditions; the shaft is protected with a rubber boot to keep it working great and looking good.

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The ROCKSPORT Steering Stabilizer is specifically tuned for Jeep applications and will reduce bump-steer and vibration better than the OE factory part .

Designed for the rigors of a lifted Jeep that is equipped with over sized off-road tires, the ROCKSPORT STEERING STABILIZER is a fantastic upgrade for Jeeps that stay on the road or go all out when off-roading.

This will reduce the damaging vibration that shortens the life of ball joints, bushings, and other front end components.

Note: This is a stand alone stabilizer and does not come with the Steering Stabilizer Axle Mounts or any hardware. Please see these links for kits for TJ and JK Wrangler applications:
RockSport Steering Stabilizer

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Fits these Vehicles Parts Included
Jeep Wrangler (JK) Steering Stabilizer
Jeep Wrangler (JK) Boot
Installation Hardware
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Valving 9 Stage Coil Spring
Piston Rod 14mm (stronger than the original)
Rubber Dust Boot Protects from stone damage
Piston & Bore 35mm (increased oil volume)
Tube Design Twin Tube (Protects internals against stone damage)
Lip Seal Multiple Seal (prevents oil loss)
Total Weight 6 lbs
OEM Clevite and Typical Flex Joint is the Duroflex Joint
Installation Difficulty Easy
Body Modification None
Time to Install 30 min
OEM Clevite and Typical Flex Joint is the Duroflex Joint


At MetalCloak we work continuously to give you the best possible installation instructions. We constantly take customer feedback and look at how we can make the instructions better for you. Click below to see our full list of installation instructions.

Click Here to see a full list of MetalCloak Installation Instructions.
OEM Clevite and Typical Flex Joint is the Duroflex Joint
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