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Looking for a Lift Kit & Suspension System for your JK?

Finally there is a Suspension System for your Jeep that
doesn't sacrifice ride comfort on the road
just so your daily driver can do better off-road.

Chances are your Jeep spends more time on the black-top
then on Mother Nature's
obstacles, so why should you
sacrifice on-the-road ride quality?

MetalCloak's Full Line of 2007 - 2012 Jeep Wrangler (JK) Suspension Kits
have been rated...

#1 in Quality
#1 in Performance
#1 in Ride Comfort
by consumers everywhere.

In a crowded market, it's good to be #1.

We Guarantee You'll Like it!

Hello Jeeper!

In 2010 Metalcloak was just a body armor company that continued to think "outside the box" with each award winning product we introduced. From Arched Tube Fenders to Frame-Built bumpers, every product we introduced was of the highest quality and like nothing any had seen before.

So it was no surprise to us, when our Chief Engineer sat down at a weekly meeting in November of that year and proposed to build a shock absorber.

"You want to build a What?!?!" we asked... I mean, really, we build body armor. What do we know about shocks?

But his argument was simple, "Metalcloak has the most clearance of any bolt-on fender system, right?"

"Yes," we said in unison.

"The only limiting factor to up-travel is not our fenders, but the shock absorber, right?"

"Yes," we said again.

"Then lets build a shock that can take advantage of all that up-travel."

And the 6Pak, Long-Travel, compact shock was born.

Now, almost two years later, we are known throughout the industry as more then an innovator, but as a Game-Changing Body Armor & Suspension Company with our Revolutionary 6Pak Shocks (Patent Pending #61/520,240) and vibration-dapening Duroflex Joints (Patent Pending #13/368,570) integrated into a full line of suspension kits.

Our JK Wrangler suspension kits make room for every budget, even yours.


But don't take our word for it, read what our customers have to say...

Jeremiah Tompkins

I can't say enough about this lift kit. It is very well designed. Install was pretty basic, and the performance is amazing. Combined with 6Pak shocks and tube fenders, it is dominating the bolt-on market. All the benefits of a custom-built jeep without the expense and time that goes into building one. Thank you for a great product and great customer service.

- Jeremiah Tompkins, Founder, HikeBikeDrive and former executive at Hanson Off Road

Allan Lamonte

I am extremely happy with my MetalCloak Game Changer Suspension. The ride is far better than I ever expected out of my highly modified 2008 Wrangler JK. I truly appreciate the "thinking outside the box" mentality it took to design the 6Pak shocks which allow my Jeep to fully utilize the MetalCloak fender flares. Yeah, I drank the Koolaid, but have not regretted it one second. Customer service has also been top notch in every way. This company does it's homework and it shows. I highly recommend this kit to anyone looking for a COMPLETE package that will make their rig perform amazingly.

- Allan Lamonte, Co-Founder, JK-Adventures.com

Every possible component of the JK Wrangler Suspension has be thoroughly test, designed and re-designed until we had the best possible combination of On & Off Road handling and ride quality.

      • The Best Ride Quality. Period.
      • The Most Articulation of any Bolt-On Kit. Period.
      • Over 14" Of Wheel Travel
      • Can be Installed on your Garage Floor!
      • Satisfaction Fully Guaranteed or your Money Back

But what can the Metalcloak Suspension do on the trails? 4Wheel Drive Magazine said it best:

Allan Lamonte

The MetalCloak 3.5-inch suspension for JK has more articulation and more wheel travel them a normal 6-inch lift.

- Phil Howell, Editor-In-Chief, 4Wheel Drive Magazine

Not Convinced Metalcloak Suspensions are your best option for you Jeep JK Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited?

Watch this short video....

But Which kit is right for you? Here is just a sampling of the kits available.

Each of which is 10% off of the retail price if you ordered the individual components! An incredible savings.

No matter where you plan on driving your JK, our kits will get you there and back with the best ride quality available. Period.

Comparison of Metalcloak suspensions uses 3.5" Game Changer Suspension, $3999 3.5" Long Travel Suspension, $2699 3.5" Duroflex OME Suspension $2499 3.5" Duroflex Suspension, $2099 3.5" Dual Rate Lift Kit, $999

3.5" Game Changer Suspension, $3999 3.5" Long Travel Suspension, $2699 3.5" Duroflex OME Suspension $2499 3.5" Duroflex Suspension, $2099 3.5" Dual Rate Lift Kit, $999