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RUBICLOAK Replacement Decal for Rubicon Edition, Set of 2

You have a Rubicon edition Jeep?
You have MetalCloak products?

Then you are not only Cloak'd, you are RUBICLOAK'd!

This Reflective Black decal is the exact size of the Rubicon badge and is a perfect replacement.

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Product Code: 9207
Are you Cloaked? Then get RUBICLOAK'd!

Measures 24" and is the exact same size of font as your Rubicon Badge.

Decal is Reflective Black.


At MetalCloak we work continuously to give you the best possible installation instructions. We constantly take customer feedback and look at how we can make the instructions better for you. Click below to see our full list of installation instructions.

Click Here to see a full list of MetalCloak Installation Instructions.

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