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Metalcloak's "I Resolve to Jeep!" 2022 Giveaway! #iresolvetojeep #cloakedrepublic

Due to a technical issue... Deadline to enter has been extended to Tuesday, January 25 at Noon, Pacific! 

How to Participate in the "I Resolve to Jeep" New Years Giveaway...

You MUST FOLLOW each of the steps below, if any one of these steps is not followed, you will be disqualified. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Yes, there are a few steps, but making a resolution should take dedication... if it's easy to make, it's easy to break. ;-)

If you have played this game with us before, we have made it easier to enter if you don't have Facebook or Instagram. 

VERY IMPORTANT: We recommend reading through ALL the steps first, including the IMPORTANT notes at the bottom, before starting the process. Don't be disqualified because you didn't pay attention to the details. Good Luck!

1. You HaveThree Options here... Instagram or Facebook or Other


  1. LIKE our sister company, Adventure Rack System's Facebook Page -
  2. LIKE the Metalcloak Facebook Page -
  3. LIKE the Announcement of the 2022 Giveaway and share it to your page. 


  1. FOLLOW our sister company, Adventure Rack System's - @adventure_rack_systems
  2. FOLLOW the Metalcloak Instagram Page -
  3. LIKE the Announcement of the Giveaway and tag a friend in the comments - the more tags, the more chances to win.
  4. BONUS Share the image of the announcement to your own Instagram Page - tag @Metalcloak, and use the hashtags #cloakedrepublic & #iresolvetojeep


  • If you are not on Facebook or Instagram, Share the Contest on your favorite social media site (Pinterest, Linked-In, Twitter, Parler, Reddit, etc.) using the square image at the bottom of this page. You MUST tag Metalcloak and #cloakedrepublic and #iresolvetojeep.  The more places you post the more bonus points you get.

2. Join It's easy to join and it's free!

3. POST on your wish list on the I Resolve to Jeep Thread. You must follow this format for your post - remember to put your FIRST & LAST NAME not your ModernJeeperForum ID (Note: Only three items should be listed). And each product should be linked to the Metalcloak product page.

Your Full Name

In 2022 I Resolve To Jeep with Metalcloak!

To fulfill my pledge I need:
1. Product Wish Number 1 Linked
2. Product Wish Number 2 Linked
3. Product Wish Number 3 Linked

You must list the product using the EXACT PRODUCT NAME on our website and it MUST BE LINKED to the individual product page. The EXACT PRODUCT NAME. IE, "HD Steering System" is NOT the same as MetalCloak HD Steering System, JK Wrangler, RockSport Edition.

Here is an helpful post on how to link the products:

For example, if Matson did it his post would look like:

Matson Breakey

In 2022 I Resolve to Jeep with Metalcloak!

To fulfill my pledge I need:
1. JT Gladiator 3.5" Game-Changer Suspension (6Pak Edition)
2. Overland Tube Fenders, JL Wrangler/JT Gladiator, Front, Pair
3. Frame-Built Bumper #2400, JL Wrangler, JT Gladiator

If you do not list the exact name of the product, you will be disqualified. If you only put up a link and no product name you will be disqualified.

Your post should look something like this (example from 2020):

giveaway post example

BONUS STEP: Share each individual product image from your list with your Instagram or Facebook Account and hashtag #cloakedrepublic and #iresolvetojeep. You must also tag @metalcloak. 


    1. THIS IS FOR METALCLOAK PRODUCTS ONLY. If you include other products not on Metalcloak's website, you will be disqualified.
    2. ALL METALCLOAK OR ARS MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS ON OUR WEBSITE QUALIFY EXCEPT FOR THE FULL BODY ARMOR SYSTEMS and FULL RACK PACKAGES. You must put fenders and rockers down as separate items. The TJ/LJ/JK Full Body Armor (i.e., Overland System, Overline System, Arched Fender System, Hardline System) systems do not qualify for the giveaway. Sorry. If you have selected a Full Body Armor System, we reserve the right to choose the single component to award you - or disqualify you.
    3. FOR SUSPENSION SYSTEMS ADD SHOCKS CHOICE. For instance, if you are getting a 3.5" Game-Changer Suspension, put your shock choice in parenthensis - (RockSport) - If you do not identify which shock you want, we will default to RockSport.
    4. SHIPPING IS FREE TO THE LOWER 48 US STATES. But if you live outside the contiguous US states, we will ask you to pay for shipping.
    5. ALL STEPS MUST BE FOLLOWED, or you will be disqualified.
    6. ONCE THE ANNOUNCEMENT IS MADE ON METALCLOAK LIVE, you will have UNTIL 10 MINUTES PAST THE END OF THE SHOW (this has been changed from the general End of Show Rule) to message us on our Facebook, Instagram or via the Contact Us form to claim your prize. If the winner does not message us, we will not choose a second option. Sorry.

On Wednesday, January 26, at 1:00 PM Pacific, watch Metalcloak Live at where we will randomly choose three winners - first, second and third, awarding their first, second or third choice, respectively.

We will talk Jeeps, Jeeping and Jeepers in 2021 and what's coming up in 2022 and we'll fill the time between the big prizes with lots of swag giveaway. ;-)

You must be watching to win.

Thank you for helping to make this Annual Giveaway a success and Good Luck!


2022 I Resolve to Jeep Metalcloak Contest